Making Premium Tooling Accessible for All

We offer the most up to date torque and lifting equipment in weekly and  monthly rates. Renting equipment could provide a lower cost alternative to those on a tight budget as well as another option for short term projects.

Not sure what equipment is right for your job? Contact us, we have highly trained application specialists available to assist you. 


American Bolting carries a large variety of rental equipment from Skidmore-Wilhelm bolt testers to just about any torque application! All of our equipment comes tested and calibrated - with all of the certificates, torque charts, and appropriate paperwork included! Not sure what you need to rent? No problem! We have bolting and lifting experts ready to assist you so that you get exactly what you need the first time. We keep as much equipment on the shelf as possible so that we con provide quick rentals as soon as you need them - even in an emergency. Check out our rental capabilities below and call us with any questions!

RENTALS Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Available for Rent:

  • Single Port and 4-Port 10,000 PSI Torque Wrench Pumps (Electric and Pneumatic Powered)
  • 3/4" Square Drive - 2.1/2" Square Drive with a Capacity of up to 50,000 FTLB
  • Low Profile Units and Links with a Capacity of up to 30,000 FTLB
  • Special Reaction Arms
  • Sockets up to 2.1/2" Drive
Torsion wrench device in yellow color
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RENTALS Skidmore-Wilhelm Bolt Testers Available for Rent:

  • Model M Units up to 110K LBF (For Bolts 1/2" - 1")
  • Model MZ Units up to 126K LBF (For Bolts 5/8" - 1.1/4")
  • Model MS Units
  • Model HS Units up to 170K LBF (For Bolts 3/4" - 1.1/2")
  • Contact Us for Model K or Bolts Larger than 1.1/2"
  • Reaction Post Kits
  • Spacers Kits, Shallow Plates, Standard Plates, Heavy Hex and TC Bushings

RENTALS Battery Torque Wrenches Available to Rent:

  • Battery Torque Wrenches up to 5,000 FTLB
  • Torque Check models available
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Raptor gun image

RENTALS Pneumatic Torque Wrenches Available to Rent:

  • Pneumatic Wrenches up to 8,000 FTLB

RENTALS Manual Torque Wrenches Available to Rent:

  • Dial Torque Wrenches up to 1,000 FTLB
  • Clicker Wrenches up to 2,000 FTLB
  • Split-Beam Wrenches up to 600 FTLB
Manual Wrench

RENTALS Hydraulic Cylinders Available for Rent:

  • Single and Double Acting Cylinders up to 200 Tons
  • Locking Collar Cylinders
  • Pad and Pancake Cylinders
  • Single and Double Acting Cylinders greater than 200 Tons Available Upon Request - Call for more information

RENTALS Pumps Available for Rent:

  • Single and Double Acting Electric Pumps - 10,000 PSI
  • Single and Double Acting Pneumatic Pumps - 10,000 PSI
  • Single Acting Battery Pumps - 10,000 PSI
  • Single and Double Acting Hand Pumps - 10,000 PSI
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Feel free to contact our company for details on our tool rental services and our catalog of high-performance bolting products and tools.